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Tottenham 0-1 Bayer Leverkusen game review


Wembley definitely is not a pace were Spurs feel comfortable. Two games, and two losses, and a pale performance. That is Tottenham main description pale. The team is without any creativity, players are looking frightened and all leaders underachieve.
This is why Leverkusen won last night, and be sure that they have totally deserved it. They knew what are they after in London, what is their mission, how to play and what are the ways to get to the goal.
From the star Leverkusen announce their intentions, they have pressured the Spurs in the opening minutes of the game pushing them back into their box. They didn’t succeed to score, and they came back into their own half and waited for counter attacks.
Both teams were cautious because this match had a huge importance for them. Nobody wanted to concede an early goal.
Bayer waited and Tottenham searched for a gap.
32nd minute of play, and a first chance for the Spurs, Eriksen, ran with the ball, and from some 25 meters distance, from the middle of the goal, he unleashed a powerful strike, but directly into Leno who beats the ball, because he couldn’t catch it.
Then in the 43rd-minute clumsy play from Des Walker who loses the ball in front of his box, Brandt takes and heads for the goal, but he hesitates, Vertongen manages to block him, the ball goes back to some twelve meters to Chicharito who strikes aiming bottom left corner but he missed it by an inch.
Not much interesting first half.
Second opened in the much better way after Eriksen had missed exactly like Chicharito, just he was few meters farther from the goal. Maybe he should pass that chance because the referee was thinking to blow the whistle for a foul on the line which marks the box, in the exact middle of the goal, but he went for an advantage.
Eriksen puts his hands on his head, wondering is this possible.
This indicated that the Spurs left their locker room with an intention to score as soon as possible. And they finally played like they should, aggressively, with a lot of individual effort, and with a high tempo, a lot of running and won duels.
In the 55th minute, Eriksen yet again tried from the long range, from a little bit to the right, but Leno gathers the ball easily.
Four minutes later Janssen had his chance, after receiving the ball in the left box area, he managed to dust off the defender but his shot went wide of left post.
In the next minute Des Walker decided to go upfield, he made an excellent run for som forty meters, enters the right side of the box, takes a low shot toward the far bottom corner of Leno goal, but missed it. This could have been a nice goal.
Then stupidity again by Tottenham defense. Dier made a clumsy effort to heads the ball back to his goalkeeper, Mehmedi stole it, went towards the goal. He saw Chicharito in the box centered, Mexican striker immediately takes a shot but was blocked, and again ball comes to him, he again shoots, this time Lloris makes an excellent intervention on the line and saves this one.

Furious two minutes at Wembley.
And then five minutes later nothing implied that it would end with a goal. Brandt passed the ball towards Kampl who was turned with his back to goal, and he decided to pass it back to Aranguiz, who takes a shot. The ball deflects right into Kampl feet, on some eleven meters from the goal, German player just sends it to the left low corner, elegantly, and visiting fans are making all the noise at Wembley. What a shock for eighty thousand Spurs fans.

After the kick-off, Tottenham went all out attack, no time to lose.
In the 82nd minute, they had a superb chance, after free kick that Dier took. From some 23 meters a little bit to the right, he smashed the ball which ended off the post, then deflected by a defender and into Janssen’s feet but the Dutch striker wasn’t prepared !!
Two minutes later after passes around the box, ball comes to Ben Davies who shoots from some 25 meters left from the goal, but the ball goes near the far post.
And that was all we saw at Wembley. Fans weren’t happy we have heard some sounds of displeasing by them, and it is reasonable because the Spurs are six games without a win in all competitions. Tough, night for them.
On other hand, Leverkusen fans and players were celebrating this huge victory for them, and why not, they deserved it completely. They were a better team, they knew what they want.
After this game, they passed Tottenham and they are second now, with two points more. Tottenham is in not so good position as they head to Monaco, and they need to make some good result in order to stay in the game for the next phase.

Man of the match, Kevin Kampl. He scored a goal,played good up front pressuring opponents defense, had quite a number of duels and finally everything had paid off.
That is all from Wembley, Spurs – Leverkusen 0:1.

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