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Sevilla 4-0 Dinamo Zagreb game review


We did have some understanding for Dinamo Zagreb’s recent performances in Champions League, due to their young team, but what they showed tonight could be only called disgrace. They were long ago out of any combination for proceeding to the next phase, and due to that they should play a little more relaxed, and without result pressure. Instead, they have played cowardly with ,the, almost whole team defending in front of their goal. They were rough toward Sevilla players, without any intention of trying to score or to make some action, and indeed this is anti-propaganda of football. Dinamo Zagreb definitively is not a team for Champions League.
From the start, Sevilla imposed their own tempo and style of play, while Dinamo was concentrated back, with all 10 players on own half. Every attack by home team players ended with foul or with an interception by two or even three players.
The referee has made a mistake when he didn’t give foul to Sevilla, on the edge of the box, when Vietto was attacking the goal. Protests from home players but nothing.
A first chance which was worth mentioning was in the 23rd minute when Steven N’Zonzi took the header from the middle of the box, aiming high part of the goal, but Livakovic diverted the ball with his fingertips, sending the ball into the corner.
Until the 27th-minute visiting team had already three yellow cards, but not one shot on the goal, apart from Soudani’s header which went beside the goal. Enough said about their game.
Then inevitable came. First Mariano centers the ball from the right, Vitolo strikes the header, but one of the defenders blocks the shot.
Franco Vasquez played nice pass between some players to the Vietto who was on the left side on the edge of the goalkeeper area, and he managed to smash the ball, sending it beneath Ivanovic’s arm and into the net. The home team finally scored.

Nothing exciting happened until the last minute of the first half, when Petar Stojanovic, made a very, very, well let’s say stupid foul, and received the second yellow card, which meant he is off !
What was he thinking, when no real danger was for the Dinamo’s goal.
After that, the whistle had been blown, and time for freshening up.
The second part of the game started with Ganso trying to reach the goal when he nicely entered the box, passing two defenders, but he made a weak shot, or he wanted to pass to someone, but whatever, no goal from this chance.
Interesting thing is that Dinamo players not only that they didn’t attack, but they were trying to slow the game down, stalling and Livakovic, for example, every time when kicking the ball into the game, at least thirty seconds spent on talking to his teammates and showing them something. But ok, that is their style of play.
56th minute, Vitolo ran into empty space in the box, received high trough ball, above the defenders, and pulls off a strong shot toward left upper corner, but Livakovic saved this one, with amazing reflexes.
Ten minutes later, Escudero and Vitolo played one-two passes, on the left corner of the box, Escudero entered, received the pass, moved the ball from left to right foot and sent the low ball into the far corner. Very nice move, by Escudero.
For twenty-four minutes nothing had happened in the field, Sevilla kept on dominating, Dinamo defending until the corner was taken from the left side.
On the edge of the goalkeeper area, Steven N’Zonzi, this time didn’t had any troubles scoring a header. The ball was sent into the left bottom corner of Livakovic.
Until the end, we saw one more goal, in the 87th minute when Mariano got the ball on the right side, near the box corner, went ahead, centered the ball, low to the far post, to Ben Yedder, who managed to calm it down and smash the ball into the net.

Soon after the game had finished, and Sevilla fans were joyful when they have heard the news from Turin, where Lyon managed to equalize in the last minutes of the game.
Sevilla is now first in group H with 10 points, and they are in advantage over Juventus two point and home ground in the direct clash.
Sevilla is almost qualified to the second round, they need one point from next two games, while poor Dinamo is last in the group. They haven’t deserved better, and in some parts of the game their fans were ashamed, later they carry on with making some troubles outside the stadium, expressing their anger.
But that is their reality, not a single goal scored in four games, twelve conceded, and coward playing style.
Man of the match…. whole Sevilla team. In all four goals, both assistant and scorer were different. This proves that Sevilla is a strong team, not a pack of individual stars, and Jorge Sanpaoli can be very pleased how his team is playing at the moment.

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