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Rostov FC 3-2 Bayern Munich game review


It’s really disgraceful how Carlo Ancelotti plays with Bayern this season. Italian coach who’s trying to impose some kind of his own style didn’t accomplish that, and this is not received well in the German champion. We can see from the performances of Bayern Munich this season that they are playing a lot worse than last year. We could find many reasons for that and try to justify Ancelotti, but the thing is you cannot play cautious and calculate with a team that is scoring 100 goals per season. The self-esteem and the confidence among the players are not high as it is used to be last year under the Guardiola, and of course, that reflected the results this year especially in the Bundesliga. We are not confident of him this season and we think that with the games like this, they will be a second rated team in Champions League. And also we think that they will not be the champions in Germany.
The first half was disastrous . Rostov FC was defending on their own ground and trying with fast counter-attacks indanger Bayern Munich goal. They had two chances from Azomun and this has shown that Bayern Munich’s defense was napping and that they weren’t synchronized well. The first chance was when the high through ball has been sent toward Azomun, between Jerome Boateng and Badstuber, and the Iranian striker managed to reach out to it first, heading it beside Ulreich, but Bernat cleared it off the goal line.
The second one also went through the Iranian who was given a pass, this time into the empty space and he ran into the box from the right side but this time goalkeeper managed to stop his attack.
Bayern had two shots, one from long range from Renato Sanches and one weak from Jerome Boateng.
Until the 34th minute, there was nothing else worth mentioning. In that minute of the game, after chaos in the Rostov FC box, the ball deflected to Douglas Costa the best player so far and he smashed it through the crowd and into the goal. Visitors have gained the lead.

And what was obvious from the beginning of the game that something was wrong in Bayern performance, came through in the 42nd minute. Douglas Costa made a pass toward Jerome Boateng who for some reason stopped running towards the ball, and Erokhin used that situation, passed through to Azomun, who made an excellent individual effort when he deceived Boateng, sending him to slide almost to the corner flag, and elegantly putting the ball to the lower left corner of goalkeeper goal.
That was all in the first half.
And then the second half started with a shock for the German team. Jerome Boateng again made a mistake and brought down Rostov FC player when he entered the box, near the goalkeeper area. He reacted pretty clumsily and reckless, and that was the penalty for the Russian team. Dimitri Poloz waited for a bit to concentrate because surely this was the most important penalty in his whole career. He was calm, sending goalkeeper on one side and the ball to the opposite. There it was, Rostov is leading 2:1.

Immediately Bayern has increased the pressure on the home team. That brought the result when Renato Sanches and Franck Ribery were exchanging passes on the left side of the pitch, on the edge of the box, when Ribery made a low pass into the goalkeeper area where Bernat run into in smashing the ball into the upper net of the goal. Surely, Dzahanaev didn’t see the ball, it flew like a rocket.
But again, Rostov FC took the lead in 66th minute. And this was probably the best moment of this game when Cristian Noboa from some 25 meters in the middle of the box took the free kick. He sent the ball over the wall and into the left bottom corner of the Ulreich goal. Even if Neuer was here he wouldn’t get this ball. Rostov FC fans were absolutely thrilled and excited.
Until the end Bayern tried to score, Ancelotti made some changes, but it was late. Also. Dzhanaev was excellent, denying Thomas Muller and Thiago Alcantara to score on two different occasions.

After this match, Rostov has a great chance to qualify for Europa League, because they just have to stay unbeaten in Eindhoven against PSV. Bayern Munich is second in the group and will stay like that, and that will affect them in the future when seeding for the draw in the knock-out stage.

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