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Napoli 2-3 Besiktas game review


What an unexpected game. Many thought that Napoli would easily pass Besiktas and that only unknown thing is how many goals will they score. This was truly a beauty for watching. Five goals, two penalties, many chances, and sensational result.
It started with beautiful action from a corner kick when Napoli players exchanged short passes and centered the ball low around penalty spot when Dries Mertens run into and smashed the ball but little higher than he should. It was a chance for flying start for Napoli. At 10th three corners for Napoli, and everyone thought that this is the perfect time for Besiktas to break, but what happened, shocked San Paolo.
Turkish team was attacking, Quaresma received the ball into the left part of the box and went toward goal kick line, he sends low fastball to the box when Adriano appears and send the ball into the empty net. Visitors are leading, although they are for the second time in the opposite team box area.
San Paolo is quiet, and Besiktas fans are making all the noise.
Napoli pushed harder. In the 18th minute of the game, cross lob pass from Insigne to Mertens who was running into empty space, and catches the ball for the volley, aiming the left bottom corner of the goal, but Fabri is fantastic with this one and saves this powerful shot.
Again Mertens had a chance, this time, header seven minutes later, but wide over the right post.
And then inevitable came. Hamsik made a lob pass to Callejon into the right side of the box, Spanish forward sends the low ball and Mertens runs first to the ball and sends it into the net, on the near post.
Next minute goalkeeper Fabri rushes from the goal line, ball jumps over him but nothing happens.
Then again shock in Naples. Jorginho passes back to Reina but very lousy, and Aboubakar steals the ball and executes with a lot of luck, as the ball goes through Pepe Reina. Besiktas is leading again.

Napoli continued to attack, having four more corners until the end of the halftime. 12 in the first half, against one that Besiktas had.
Interesting first half, with pretty much unexpected turn of events.
Secon one started the same Napoli pressured, although Quaresma had the chance to break Napoli when he made a shot from the edge of the box, but the ball went just a few inches over the bar.
And then goalkeeper Fabri again made an amateur move. After Zielinski and Callejon made passes, Spaniard passed to Mertens who was in the goalkeeper area, Fabri rushed out and swept Belgian player, who was turned with his back to the goal. Nonsense.
At the 50th minute of the game, Insigne took the ball. And then one more shock. His shot was so weak and slow, Fabri denied easily. It looked like Insigne was joking.
No equalizer this time. Mertens kept on producing troubles for the Turkish team, and visitors opened up and started playing as well.
But then again Napoli got the penalty. And it was a pretty harsh decision by the referee Karasev. We might say that foul didn’t exist. Erkan was holding Mertens from behind , but also Napoli forward was pushing and at some point he just fell.
Questionable penalty.
This time, Gabbiadini took the ball, and pretty cool he executed, sending the ball into one side and goalkeeper to the other.
Pressure maintained high by the Napoli, and they were close to taking the lead but Gabbiadini scored an acrobatic goal from offside.
Then in 86th minute Quaresma curled the ball from some 40 meters left, into the goalkeeper area and Vincent Aboubakar losses Koulibaly who was guarding him, making header into the net, while Pepe Reina stood and watched for the third time how the ball trembles his net.
Astonishing twist of events !!!
Besiktas survived rest of the game and have made a huge sensation.
Napoli was more dangerous, they had 17 corner kicks !!! But Besiktas was more efficient scoring every time when they had the chance, Napoli scored 2 goals from 9 attempts, and Turkish team 3 out of 3. Amazing.
Man of the match is Aboubakar, who scored two goals including one for the win, but if we had a draw Dries Mertens would have been for certain. Belgian player was excellent, but he was unlucky this night.

Milik is missing beside him, and his injury will effect a lot Napoli’s game this season.
Now they are still on top of the group B but they are heading for Lisboa and Istanbul in the next two games. They had the opportunity to make their road to the second phase a lot easier,
Beskitas is in the second place, they are fighting for this, and they will for sure continue to do that. Next two matches are playing at their home ground, and we all know that their fans are one of the most ferocious in whole Europe.
It will be a pleasure to watch this group in the future because everything is open, and we could expect some more results like this.
But after all, that is why we watch ChampionsLeague.

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