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Legia Warsaw 3-3 Real Madrid review


Nothing implied that this would be the ending of this match !
And what a match we have seen tonight, magnificent, excellent, full of excitement and nice goals, chances on both sides, comebacks, and surprising ending.
When the biggest team in the world is coming to your town it usually is a spectacle for the fans. Except here tonight, as Legia was fined, two games without the spectators after troubles their fans caused. And what a game it would have been if they were a part of the match, because we know that Legia fans are among best in Europe when it comes to supporting their club.
Match started in a sensational way, after less than a minute, Bale scored, and what a goal that was !!! Long cross the ball from the left, Ronaldo head it away behind him, somewhere on the edge of the box, and few meters behind him, a little bit to the right, Bale smashed a volley, right into the upper right corner of the Legia goal. Oooh, what a tremendous goal did he scored.

Afterward Real kept on attacking, they were dominant, long shots were often sent toward Malarz, Legia goalkeeper.
In the 17th minute, Varan had a good chance when he tried with a header but was blocked, two minutes later, Benzema had been denied to score by Malarz who stopped his shot to the right top corner, from the edge of the box.
Two more headers we saw in the 25th minute when first Bale, then Ronaldo both of them blocked, first by the keeper, second by the defender.
Then in the 35th minute, we saw Real Madrid magic. A large number of passes were exchanged Carvajal, Benzema, then Kovacic who passed the ball into the box to Bale to the right side, who spotted Benzema in the middle of the box, assisted to him low, and French striker took a shot which ended between post and Malarz fingers. Maximum precision by Benzema.
A few minutes later Ronaldo had his chance, but Malarz denied yet another goal.
Then suddenly, Legia had scored. Odjidja-Ofoe got the ball from the right side, on some 25 meters little bit to the right, went toward the middle of the edge of the box, passed one player, into the crowd, and unleashes fantastic rocket to the far top left corner of Navas goal. If there were two Navas, it would still have been a goal.
Another nice goal.
Quickly after that end of the first half.
The second started in the same manner, long shots, quick plays, short precise passes and fast transition. Most of this plays were from Real Madrid.
Again in the same minute, Bale and Ronaldo had chances to score, Bale when he took a shot which Malarz saved, while Ronaldo’s shot from inside the box went to the outside part of the net.
Then Legia threatened, from Guilherme, when his free kick went a little bit over the crossbar.
Then in the 58th minute, the man who scored in Madrid, again scored against Real. Miroslav Radovic went from the left side toward the edge of the box, skips two players, and catapults low smashing shot, which ended in the far low right corner of the Real goal. What is happening tonight and everybody are scoring magnificent goals.
Now both teams are even, and we are back to the beginning.
Interesting fact occurs in the 72nd minute, shots on goal 5 Legia, 23 Real.
82nd minute, Radovic on the left wing centers the ball low, to Prijovic, who brings it back to the Moulin, who takes a shot from full sped, ball deflects from the right post and enters into the net. Legia is leading !

You can hear fans around the stadium yelling and celebrate.
But just two minutes that celebration lasted because Dani Carvajal stormed into the box, he couldn’t make the shot, passed the ball back on the edge of the box, where Mateo Kovacic waited and strikes to the left low corner of Malarz goal. 3:3. What a crazy game.
Until end nothing happened, Real tried to score the goal, pressure was high but they haven’t succeeded, Lucas managed to hit the crossbar in the last minute of injury time when he took a shot from inside the box.
The game ended, Zidan was very unhappy, Ronaldo too, while Legia bench celebrated. In the end 27 shots on goal, by Real Madrid
But that is football, some days you can try and no effect.

Real is now second in group F, he has to win against Dortmund in Madrid in order to claim the first place. Legia is in much better position now than before the match as they have good chances to keep on European competitions through Europa League. They have to beat Sporting in Warsaw, and if they are playing like this, it is possible.
Man of the match? Well, we don’t have one, it would be unfair toward some players. We saw at least 4 beautiful goals, many nice moves, and no one specifically stands out.
We advise you to take a look at tonight’s goals, you will be delighted.

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