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FC Copenhagen vs Porto Game Review


The matchup between FC Copenhagen and Porto was expected to produce much more excitement, considering that the hosts had a nice chance pass by the Portuguese team for the 2nd spot in group G with a win on Tuesday night at the Telia Parken.

However, the fans left the stadium pretty disappointed with what they saw, despite the second half dominance of their home team. The game itself was not very interesting and exciting as both teams failed to show off their best skills. The tactic of the hosts was to build up their attacking mode slowly, while the visitors waited patiently for their chances, playing strong defense and creating a lot of counter attacks.


The first half didn’t produce too much scoring chances on either side. The first excitement came in the 40th minute when Youssef Toutouh provided a lovely cross to Erik Johanson (FC Copenhagen), but his header went wide of the right post.

Neither team managed to control the flow of the game in the first 45 minutes, but this scenario was somewhat expected considering the fact that both teams are fighting for the 2nd spot in the group which would give them a nice chance of reaching the knockout stage.

The visitors opened the 2nd half with a lovely solo effort from Andre Silva who pulled of couple of nice moves inside the box only to waste a nice opportunity with a direct shot towards the middle of the goal, making it easy for the keeper to react quickly and prevent the visitors from scoring.

Both teams exchanged to possession of the ball and created some opportunities to score but it seemed as both teams wanted the draw more and were afraid to open up the game.  The hosting keeper Robin Olsen pulled off another great save in the 74th minute when Danilo Pereira fired a fierce header towards the goal, but his effort gave no result.


After the match, both teams left the pitch with a bit of disappointment on their faces, as they have realized that with 3 points their teams would almost be certain in the final 16 of the UEFA Champions league. Now, they will have to wait and see the results of the final leg in the group which is topped by the English Premier League Champions Leicester City FC who have collected 13 points. Porto remains 2nd with 8 points, FC Copenhagen is 3rd with 6 points while Club Brugge is at the bottom with 0 points.

Porto will host Leicester in the final leg, while Copenhagen will travel to Belgium and face Club Brugge.

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