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Dynamo Kiev 0-2 Benfica game review


Benfica is back on track. A win in Kiev made their life much more comfortable because Portuguese team was on the edge of the cliff.
With one point from two games both of these teams had to win tonight. And to be honest, Dinamo didn’t have any luck.
The game started slowly, teams were cautious, still examining opponent. But one start, and we can say pretty careless, made a huge opportunity for Benfica. Antunes brought down Guedes. Benfica’s went parallel with the goal kick line, and the Portuguese defender who plays for Dynamo not once but twice challenged him, creating the situation for Guedes to fall. Penalty without a doubt for referee Borbalan.
Salvio took the penalty, calmly, deceiving the goalkeeper who went on one side, while he placed the ball to the other, 10th minute. 0:1 .

The game then opened up, Dynamo began to play more aggressive and much more offensively. That created the chance in 25th minute when Yarmolenko breaks trough to the right side, centered the high ball to the far pos where Derilis Gonsalez smashed a header, but the ball went above the bar. Good chance goes wasted for Dynamo.
This open game also produced opportunities for Benfica. At 32nd minute, good passing play trough the middle of the pitch, Semedo comes on the right side, passes low to the Salvio inside the box who shoot strongly from the right side, but Rudko saves this one.
Just five minutes before half-time whistle, one long cross ball from
the left to the right side, Yarmolenko receives the ball, goes toward the goal, passes the ball into an empty space, Sidorchuk runs into the right side of the box, smashes the ball, but just near the closer post.
After the first period of the game, Benfica was much more pleased with the outcome, because they were given a penalty, because of one not so good intervention of opposite player.
The second half started where we left, open game, a lot of passes, and the first chance was for Benfica.
Guedes made an excellent pass trough two Dynamo player to Salvio on the right side, Salvio then tried to center the ball, but he was blocked. The ball came back to him, he runs into the box, passes the ball down low to the penalty spot, Cervi shots, but the ball hits Mitroglu, and again the ball comes back to Cervi who finally puts it beside Rudko, with the low shot. A lot of luck for Benfica, this was their night.

Dynamo Kiev's Ukrainian defender Yevhen Khacheridi (R) vies with Benefica's Portuguese midfielder Goncalo Guedes (L) during their UEFA Champions League football match between Dynamo Kiev and SL Benfica at the Olimpiysky stadium in Kiev on October 19, 2016. / AFP / GENYA SAVILOV        (Photo credit should read GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images)

But Dynamo had the chance to came back immediately. Just two minutes after they have conceded a goal, quick play up front, pass trough the defense, Yarmolenko receives the ball on the right side of the box, runs toward the goal, but pretty selfishly decides to shot, although he had Derilis Gonsalez on the far post who was alone, in front of the empty net. Ederson deflects the ball, who goes back to Junior Moraes who smashes right away, but Benfica goalkeeper saves this one too.
The selfish move for Yarmolenko here.
Dynamo pushed Benfica back, they attacked, but no goal. This created open space for pacey Benfica players, and Guedes had a chance from this situation, ten minutes before the end. He received lob ball into empty space, where he run into and unleashed a powerful shot, but wide of the goal.
Next, minute huge chance for Dynamo. Corner kick on the left side, Junior Moraes comes on the closer post, but he heads the ball so weak that it slightly changes the direction and goes beside the goal.
Five minutes later Yarmolenko has a great header from the box, but one of the Benfica defenders clears the ball of the line.

What an unfortunate night for the home team.
Finally, the game ended, and visitors started celebrating. This may be a turning point in their this year, Champions League campaign. Still in the race, now third in the group, but Napoli and Dynamo are coming to Lisboa.
Dynamo was unlucky tonight. They were a better team, produced more chances, had more shots, but Benfica had more of what counts, more goals. We have here one pretty awkward situation. Dynamo had 56% of the ball possession and had more passes than Benfica 424 to 343, and this is an obvious indicator who had more of the game. It is surprising that much more technique gifted team was playing like this. And we have to tell you, that we do not think that this was the tactic of Jose Gomes and his players. Dynamo did an excellent you with midfield play but strikers were not up to the task. Especially Yarmolenko who was expected to be the main man.
Dynamo is in a bad position, they are visiting two games out of three, and they need to win at least four points or to defeat Benfica at Estadio la Luz with good goal difference.
Man of the match Goncalo Guedes. Portuguese teenager was by far the best player on the pitch. Although he didn’t score, the penalty was made on him, he made a number of shots, and created many chances. He is really the future of football.
That is all from cold Ukrainian night.

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