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Dinamo Zagreb 0-4 Juventus game review


There wasn’t a chance for Dinamo in the matchup with Juventus. Juventus smashed Dinamo on his own ground. This was typical bullying as some might say because for ninety minutes Dinamo didn’t have shot on goal. All the euphoria was quickly replaced with a feeling of powerlessness when Juve started playing.
Dinamo starting line up with many young players was too weak for experienced and fierce Juventus, in which some players individually have more games played in Champions League than whole Dinamo team has in European competitions. And that was something obvious last night.
The first stage of the game was quiet, while Juventus looked for a weak spot in home teams defense line. Slow game, with ball possession much larger on Juve’s side, with constant pressure forward. Alves and Evra were high up, without allowing opposite side wingers to reach danger zone.
And then in the middle of the first half, Bonucci made long deep trough ball, towards the middle of the Dinamo box , clumsy intervention by one of the defenders, created a chance for Miralem Pjanic who easily executes, putting the ball low and besides rushed goalkeeper Semper.
Without any problems 0:1.
Minutes later Shildenfeld had a chance to equalize, but his header after corner hit the post of the Buffon goal. This was the only thing in a whole game that home team manage to do.
Then again after 31. minutes of the game Another ball trough the middle of Dinamo defense, Pjanic who has been outstanding in this match finds Higuain, who elegantly takes the ball on his chest and puts it beside Semper, who couldn’t do anything.
Until the halftime Juve kept on pressuring Dinamo on his own half, not letting for a second control of the game. Short passes, strong middle and instant recovering of the ball when it was lost. Juventus managed to solve the Zagreb riddle for less than 45 minutes.
The second half began and Allegri decides to replace Miralem Pjanic, who was undoubtedly the man of the match, although he played only one half. There was no need for Bosnian creative midfielder to risk some injury or lose energy.
As in previous period, Juve controlled every aspect of the game, Cuadrado was an excellent replacement for Pjanic as he kept the pressure on Dinamo defense.
In the 55th minute, most beautiful moment of the match occurred. Paulo Dybala unleashed a tremendously powerful shot and from some thirty meters he scored an amazing goal, pure beauty. Everyone at Maksimir applauded for magic that created Dybala. Only one answer Dinamo fans, known as “Bad Blue Boys”, didn’t know. How many more goals will their team concede ?
Two ex-Dinamo players entered the match today as a Juventus players. Mario Mandzukic and this year signing Marko Pjaca, who had the chance to score, in the 75th minute, but his shot was held by Adrian Semper, who had a lousy game today. As the most of his teammates.
And in the end, as the conclusion, Dani Alves scored his goal in this match. Free kick from some 25 meters little bit to the left, Alves took the shot, the ball deflects off a wall and with help of Semper finishes into the goal. Semper reaction was pretty much laughable. Champions League team deserves some respectable goalkeeper and Semper is not one.
When the game was over crowd applauded Juventus for their game, while the home team was not so welcome.
The overall statistic shows everything, Juve had the ball in their possession 73% while Dinamo, only 27%. That indicator can tell you everything, but we have another one, which is even more terrifying for the home team. Shots on goal Dinamo 0, Juventus 7 !!!
Ninety minutes of the game and they are not once made Buffon react. Soudani and Fernandes were invisible during the whole game. Only bright spot was young Benokvic ho played in the middle, replacing Coric who has been waived from the squad before the match. He was an only decent opponent for Juventus players.
Juve had many threats for Dinamo, Pjanic, Higuain, Dybala, Alves. But one man stands above and that is Miralem Pjanic, absolute best player of this match. His ability to create chance where nobody sees one is tremendous. His passes are an essence of football in one move. How he found Higuain is just nice to watch. He scored, made an assist, tons of passes, only for one half-time. Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala showed why are they been considered as one of the best duos in the world.
One more fact just to show you how Juve played. They had 700 passes in this match, with 90% accuracy. Dinamo Zagreb 219 with 73% accuracy. You have to admit that this is something that hasn’t been seen in a lot of time.
Juve now trails Sevilla on the top of group H, both with 4 points while Dinamo suffers their secon loss. and stays in the bottom of the table without scored goal. Harsh times are coming for Sopic’s team.

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