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Dinamo Zagreb 0-1 Olympic Lyon review


Sad and lousy Dinamo loses again. This time from Lyon, who wasn’t very much interested during the game. It looked like the French team expected that Dinamo is going to forfeit this match and that they are going to be awarded three points. On the other hand, the home team maybe wanted to score, but they just don’t have the quality and the knowledge for that.
First 10 minutes of the game passed with both teams examining each other. First chance for visitors came in the 12th minute when Alexandre Lacazette made the header from around the penalty spot, but the ball was wide of the left post. Just two minutes later, Gojak smashed the deflected ball which came out of the crowd in the box, but he sent it wide. Dinamo manager Petev went absolutely furious.


After that, most of the play was made in the middle of the pitch. We saw many unaccurate passes, lost balls and in general, not so good game. Olympique Lyon who is a better team, but with evidently something missing in their game, didn’t have creation and also they looked like they were lacking desire to score. Everything was quiet until the 29th minute when Ferri received the pass on the edge of the box and smashed the ball, which ended hitting the crossbar. It deflected towards the penalty spot, but both Cornet and Dardere didn’t react well and this chance was gone.
Before the half-time Olympique Lyon increased the pressure on Dinamo defense and in two minutes, the French team has been given four corner kicks. 42nd minute Valbuena received a low pass on the edge of the box and he took the shot aiming the left side of Livakovic’s goal but Dinamo goalkeeper made an excellent intervention.
Soon after that referee, Karlovec marked the end of the first half, because he didn’t add any injury time.
The second half started with Lyon trying to score fast. 50th minute Ferri run onto deflected ball in the middle of the box around the penalty kick spot and he fired the ball trough the middle, but the goalkeeper did a brilliant job.
Lyon controlled the game with the possession of the ball and strong midfield defense. Croatians slowly started to lose the energy and they became more defensively oriented. 72nd-minute Rafael runs down the right side entering the box and sending the low pass to the far post where Alexandre Lacazette waited and sent the ball into the empty net.


Finally, Olympique Lyon has scored in this match. After that, they have made the game much slower, with exchanging the passes on their own midfield, trying to stall as much time as they could. Dinamo Zagreb couldn’t stand a chance against well-organized Lyon defense. The game ended with this result and we might say it is a pity that this match didn’t end sooner. We are saying this because we haven’t seen much. On one side there was this team who isn’t having quality for this competition and can’t score from the beginning of the season, and on the other side, the team was not interested in playing more than they need to win.
Dynamo who was eliminated from the European competitions a long time ago. They are heading for Turin with a hope of scoring at least one goal and avoid being a laughing stock. It will be a shame if they do not score at least one goal in six games. Lyon will be waiting the game of the season for them, and their fans. At Gerland Stadium they will be trying to win against Sevilla which will be facing them, probably without their coach Sanpaoli because he has received a red card against Juventus. By winning in Sevilla, Juventus made a favor to Lyon. Now club from France holds it’s destiny in his own hands, and everything that he needs to do is to win. Such a simple word, but a hard task.
We can’t wait for that game because it will be a perfect example, what Champions League is. Competition with a lot of excitement, passion, and thrill.

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