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CSKA Moscow 1-1 Leverkusen game review


Leverkusen survived the Russian winter. It was a hard and tough game for both teams, but we could say that the guests are more satisfied. They haven’t won the match despite they had an advantage, but they are pleased with such an outcome.
From the start, the guest team showed that they came to Moscow for all three points. Challhanoglu had a chance after Tin Jedvaj brilliantly passed him the ball inside the box, to the right, but the Turkish player missed closely, near the left post, as he was aiming for the far post.
Immediately CSKA respond. Golovin rushed towards the goal, avoiding defenders, and keeping the ball in control, but when he needed to finish, his shot was not so good, and Akinfeev deflected the ball .
In the 16th minute, Leverkusen scored. After a free kick in the middle, the ball went to Volland who was on the right side of the pitch, he centered with his left foot, the ball fell to the penalty spot, Kampl picked it up, took the shot, and that Bayer had one goal advantage.

CSKA was still in shock when Chicharito had a chance to double the lead when he made an excellent shot from the edge of the penalty area, but Akinfeev has yet again shown us why is he one of the best goalkeepers in Europe.
30th minute of the game and Alan Dzagoev was in good position when he received a low pass from the right side, and from the goalkeeper area, he tried to score, by shooting while he was turning towards the net. You could see the disappointment from the home team players as this chance passed by.
We haven’t seen much of the excitement until the end of the half, except disallowed goal from Omer Toprak, but eventually, he was offside.
The second half started in the same way, as the beginning of the game, just this time CSKA was trying to score. The home team had the chance when Natcho and Chalov exchanged the pass in the box, and Chalov tried to shoot but he was blocked by defenders.
In the 62nd minute, great chance for Leverkusen !
Some 23 meters from goal, a little bit to the right, they received a free kick. As usual Hakan Chalhanoglu took the shot, aiming for the right side of Akinfeev’s goal, but the ball went inches near the post. This was a perfect chance to put an end to this game.
After this chance, CSKA started pressuring and pushing the German team. They were attacking and trying to score, even if they concede one more goal, they couldn’t wait.
Golovin again had another chance, but he was slow in the box, and
Leno managed to get to the ball first.
Corners were often given to CSKA, but no goal. Then finally in the 76th minute, Benjamin Henrichs brought down Fernandes, when he tried to receive the ball into the box, the German team defender, recklessly fouled him.
Natcho was the one who will take the penalty shot, and with a little luck, he scored. Leno was on the good side, but the ball was under his hands and went to the net.

The eruption of joy in the CSKA Arena stands.
But it could be silenced pretty fast, as Volland smashed the ball from the edge of the box just four minutes later and hit the left post.
CSKA tried to score another goal, but all their attacks were denied by Leverkusen defense.
The game ended wit a draw, but Monaco win over Tottenham did wonderful things for these two teams. After that game, Bayer qualified for the next round of Champions League, and CSKA has remained in the combination for getting at least in Europa League. Tottenham is in a better position because they have one point more, but the Russian team is still in the game, all they need to do is to win. Tough, but possible.

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