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Club Brugge 1-2 FC Porto review


One opening of the game and totally opposite ending.
This is a typical example why should you always be focused when you are playing in Champions League. Every minute, every second, every move counts. Everything. Club Brugge players learned that in a hard way. But every experience costs and they have paid three points for this one.
All was perfect for them, everything was as they planed. Strong opening of the game, imposing high tempo and constant pressure to the Porto defense.
Eight minutes from the start Jelle Vossen shoots from the left side of the edge box, low, but Casillas saves the ball.
!0th minute, van Rhijn , makes the free-kick, from the corner of the edge of the box, he does it very well aiming top of the net, but Casillas diverts the ball with his fingertips, and sends it to the corner. It would have been some goal.
Two minutes later. long cross ball to Limbombe, who enters the box sends low pass toward Vanaken who shots, hits the Porto defender Marcano, the ball deflects to Vormer who send it to Vossen, and he sends it from some 7 meters to top right corner of Porto goal.

Fans go wild at Jan Breydell Stadium. Club Brugge scored his first goal in this year competition.
But from this moment, they stopped playing. It seems like they thought that they can keep the lead and defend it. It was a mistake.
Porto quickly managed to get the game under control.
The first chance came in the 20th minute when Oliver Torres send the ball into the box but Octavinho couldn’t aim well and the ball went wide of the bar. But it was the first hint of Porto’s intentions.
For some time game was not very interesting, Porto had the ball, and Club Brugge kept on defending themselves.
39th minute, a chance for Porto, Hector Herera picked up rebound ball, and shoot towards the low right corner of Butelle goal. French goalkeeper reacted good and diverted the ball.
That was all in the first part of the game.
A chance to secure the win Brugge had in the 51st minute when Claudemir escaped down the left flank and passed the ball to the Vormer who smashed the ball from the middle of the edge of the box to the left side of Casillas goal, but inches were dividing Brugge from the second goal.
And then Porto started the machine. First Brahmi made a shot from some 20 meters in the middle , but Butelle deflects the ball to the corner.
65th minute, Octavinho and Andre Silva exchange double pass, while Octavinho enters the box from the right side, and smashes the ball low, toward the far bottom corner, but he misses for a little bit.
And then three minutes later, the expected has happened. Counter-attack, the ball goes to the right to Layun, who shoots fiercely from some 20 meters to the right top corner. Brugge goalkeeper did not stand a chance against this powerful strike. It is possibly the best goal of the night.

From this moment until the end of the game Porto was the only team on the field. It seemed like Club Brugge players disappeared from the pitch. Portuguese team controlled every aspect of the game, and they were a constant threat for the home team. Shots, actions, everything was happening in front of the home team goal.
And when it looked like Belgians are going to win their one point, Claudemir made a clumsy foul. Jesus Corona, run into the box, tried to pass beside Claudemir who missed the ball and made an excellent situation for Corona to fall. He just hit into Claudemir leg and went down as he was shot. Tagliavento immediately blew the whistle and pointed to the spot.
It was the third minute of injury time. This was cruel for Club Brugge.
Andre Silva, young star, and probably one of the future best players of the world stepped up confidently and sent the ball to the right corner , while goalkeeper went opposite.

All the noise at Breydell was made by Porto fans and the Portuguese players. Home manager Preud’homme watched this moment from the tunnel as he was sent off because of arguing with the referee over the penalty.
But it only made it worse for him and the team, because he will likely get a suspension ban.
Quickly game was over one one side grief, on the other joy. Club Brugge is definitely out of any chances even for the third place, while Porto is confident in second place. They are favorites for one of two first places along with Leicester, and it looks like that they will qualify.
Interesting match with thriller ending. Everything changed from the first half, Porto went dominant while Brugge’s game collapsed. Whether it was because the lack of physical or mental strength, that doesn’t change the fact that they are not prepared for European top clubs. Zero points from three games and only one goal. We saw Octavinho who was the best player until he went out after that Andre Silva contributed enormously. We can’t decide between these two players who gets Man of the match title. But we know who is the most tragic person. Claudemir, whose intervention made a penalty for Porto. Such a clumsy play.
All in all, it is deserved win for Porto in Belgium, as they had more over 60% of the ball in their feet, 20 shots on goal, and 475 passes comparing to 313 Club Brugge’s. These numbers are showing how dominant was two-times European champions in this match.

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