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Borussia Dortmund 2-2 Real Madrid game review


Tonight’s derby and the derby of all Champions league the second weekend ended with a draw. It would have been unfair if it ended differently. And it could.
The game was exciting for the fans and spectators, many chances, four goals, attractive moves, dribbles, plays, all that we have seen tonight.
Opening minutes were interesting, Ronaldo and Benzema pressure Borussia defense, on the other side Aubameyang tried to make a space for him and Gotze in Real box. He created a chance for a shot, after the 12th minute of play, when he received the low pass on the edge of the box and tried to score, with a blast to the right bottom corner of the goal, but Navas saved that superbly.
A few minutes later Dembele managed to ruin good opportunity in front of Real goal, and punishment was soon delivered. Quick counter-attack, Rodriguez,Kroos into the box to Bale, who left the ball with the back heel pass to Ronaldo who executed hard and low.


That was the Real Madrid in his style.
Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo celebrated together, showing the whole world that little misunderstandings are left behind. Dortmund then pushed forward, they were trying to score an equalizer, but there were no chances to score, one of them was interrupted because Aubameyang was in offside. Real waited for counter-attacks, relying on Ronaldo, Benzema and Bale and their quickness.
And then when half-time was approaching, free kick from some 25 meters was called, Guerreiro took it, Navas couldn’t handle the ball which deflected off him to Varane and into a goal !!! What unfortunate situation !
In the first minute of injury time of first half-time, Ronaldo scored a goal but it was denied due to offside which linesman called.
First 15 minutes of second half passed as both teams tried to score, but none of them had any big chance, shots from Aubameyang and Castro on one side and Kroos and Rodriguez on other are not worth mentioning. Only Dembele had a good chance when he passed Danilo on the right side, dribbling, and then taking a shot wide off the goal.
Then things started to pump up as Shurrle substitute Gotze. Real was much more offensive,Ronaldo missed a header from five meters and Bale from corner kick also missed a header from inside the box. This pressure gave result in the 68th minute when Kroos centered the ball into the box, Benzema managed to take a shot but hits the crossbar and then deflects off to Varan who scores. This time, he scored on the right side of the pitch, and again with deflected ball.
Just after the kick-off, the chance for instant reply passed, as Keylor Navas reacted excellent on Guerreiro’s bomb from the edge of the box.
After this goal visit team slowed the tempo down for some time, Modric was the key player in the middle, making runs when needed up front, or sending passes through the middle toward Benzema or Ronaldo.
Ronaldo had a solo move in the 78th minute on the left side of the box, but he didn’t manage to score.
Then Borussia raises the level of their play. Christian Pulisic was the player that changed everything. young 18-year old American replaced Dembele who was efficient throughout the whole game. In 17 minutes of his play, he managed to do much more than most of the starting line-up. He had a chance in the 83rd minute, taking a shot, but directly to Navas.Minute later Emre Mor, also a substitute, takes another shot but Navas saves the goal again.
Tomas Tuhel made very good substitutes, he brought the players that change the course of the game and have managed to put the pressure on the Ramos and Varan,
Three minutes later he assisted to Shurrle, passing him the ball to the left side of the box, from where he sends a rocket to the up part of the goal’s net. Truly a fierce shot, Navas couldn’t save that shot in a million years.


Last few minutes were interesting because both teams didn’t want to protect one point from this match, but tried to win. Morata had a good cross parallel to sideline but his teammates did not react well.
I the last second of the match referee Clattenburg showed the yellow card to Aubameyang because of his behavior.
This was a match to watch, thrilling, full of excitement, with tension and fair play.
Zinedine Zidane and Tomas Tuhel have to be satisfied with their player’s performance, because what can you request and ask more than this today.
Two key players were Keylor Navas who manage to save a Real goal, from at least two more goals, and Pulisic, who instantly improved the offense in Borussia.
One interesting fact Borussia had 59% possession of the ball. This is not very common that Real has less possession than the opposite team.
Both teams are satisfied with the current table they are among first two places, but for Borussia real challenge will be games with Sporting Lisboa.

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