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Borussia Dortmind 8-4 Legia Warshaw game review


What an amazing night in Dortmund. We have been witnessing of history making on Westfalen stadium. 12 goals in one game. Borussia Dortmund and Legia Warsaw set a new record in Champions League history, scoring 12 goals in one game. Final result 8:4. Spectators will remember this night throughout the whole life.

Shocking start in Dortmund. Odjidja-Ofoe storm down the right flank side passed the ball to Aleksandar Prijovic, who just had the time to turn himself towards the goal and to made an excellent shot. With the peak of his boot, he has sent the ball to the left upper corner of the goal. It wasn’t magic like Ronaldinho did against Chelsea. He curved the ball so there was no chance for Weidenfeller to save it.

Quick response from Borussia was on the way. The ball was on the right side Sebastian Rode center the ball to Dembele who passed the ball to the right far post where Shinji Kagawa sneaked in and put the ball into the net.
Just one minute later again Shinji Kagawa. And again Dembele passed him the ball into the middle of the box, where the Japanese lost the two defenders and with a precise shot, he brought the lead to Dortmund.

Fans haven’t stopped celebrating when Borussia scored again. Nuri Sahin scored the third goal for Borussia. Whan an astonishing play in crazy five minutes from Borussia Dortmund. This goal was a bit funny. After the long high ball from the left side Legia Warsaw goalkeeper tried to punch the ball away, but instead, it deflected from Nuri Sahin and entered the goal.
This was an incredible first half for Prijovic. Again he received the pass from the right side but this time he immediately smashed the ball and put it into the right bottom corner of the goal.

Five goals in fifteen minutes.
33rd minute and Marco Reuss sends the ball to Ousmane Dembele who was on some ten meters from the goal in the middle of the box. He then deceives the defender and instantly takes the shot, the goalkeeper tries to deny it but the ball deflected from beneath him and enters the goal.
Two minutes later another goal. Marco Reuss scored after a long time. And he did it with style. After exchanging the passes between Emre Mor and Shinji Kagawa a high ball was sent in the goalkeeper area, Kagawa passed toward Reuss who was alone and did not have any difficulties to score.

This was the second time that some game had the first half with seven goals.

The second half started in the same way the first one ended. First Marco Reuss scored for Borussia Dortmund in the 52nd minute and 5 minutes later Kucharczyk, received a nice low pass through the defense and as he entered the goalkeeper area he just passed the ball next to goalkeeper and that was three for Legia.
Both teams continued to player open, but we were waiting for another goal for some 20 minutes. Then in the 81st minute, Felix Passlack scored another goal for Borussia. After he had run on to the deflected ball, from Shurrle’s shot, he just headed the ball into the net.
In the next minute, Legia scored again this time Nikolic. Again Miroslav Radovic made an assist which led for his team to score. All of the three Serbian players played very well for the Polish team in this game.
And in injury time we saw yet another goal. Reuss wanted to pass the ball into the goalkeeper area, but he hit Rzezniczak and it deflected into his own net.
This was the goal that has broke Monaco and Deportivo La Coruna record of 11 goals in one Champions League match.

Man of the match and a star of the night is Marco Reuss. His coming back was perfect as he has scored two goals, created a lot of chances, made some assist. Overall an excellent game for him. After a long time, German forward was back in the game and he has proved that he didn’t forget how to play football. He will be one of the crucial players for Borussia Dortmund this year as he has always been in the past seasons. Apart from that Reuss has been Dortmund’s trademark and his recovery from injury means much for both the fans and club.

Borussia qualifies for the next round, while Legia still has the chance to advance to the Europa League. They are in a good position because they will be hosting Sporting Lisboa in the last round of this stage. Legia has two points fewer than Sporting and they need to win in this match. That is something quite possible, because if they play like against Real Madrid, or in some parts against Borussia Dortmund, they have good chances of beating the Portuguese team.

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