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Benfica 1-0 Dynamo Kyiv review


Everything possible turned out good for Portuguese champion. They scored from a penalty, their goalkeeper denied one, they defeated their opponent tight, and most of all other match in their group ended with a draw, which catapulted them to the second place at the moment. But Napoli who is first in group B is coming to Estadio da Luz. Everything is settling just fine for Benfica. On the other hand, Dynamo has only theoretical chances for extending their Europian adventure.
But let’s see how the game developed.
From the start both teams were cautious. The first chance came from a corner kick from Benfica when experienced central defender Luisao took the header from around the penalty kick spot, but wide over the goal.
First dangerous chance was in the 22nd minute. Pizzi sent a high trough ball into the left area of the box, Salvio managed do center the ball acrobatically with his right foot, it fell on the edge of goalkeeper area, and Grimaldi took the header, in full speed, but it deflected from Rudko into a corner kick.
What a nice goal it would have been. Benfica players showed great technical ability in this action.
Then the period of a calm and slow game until 35th minute.
Corner kick for Dynamo from the left side, ball went from close to the far post with two headers, but it eventually came back into the middle of the box, some five meters from the goal, exactly in the middle, and Domagoj Vida could score a header, but Croatian defender, the captain of the team, sends it wide. What a chance for Dynamo.
In the next five minutes Dynamo had two long range shots, but nothing critical for Ederson, one from Gonzales, second from Sydorchuk.
And then when everyone thought that the first half would finish goalless, a penalty for Benfica !
Free kick from the right side, into the box, but Vida holds Luisao with his hand around the waist, and it didn’t take long for Brazilian to simple fall to the ground. Clement Turpin blows the whistle and shows to the penalty spot. This is Champions League experience, Luisao saw that the referee is near and he decided to fall down even it was not so hard tackle.
Salvio took the ball, and elegantly deceived goalkeeper, who went to one side, and the ball trough the middle. 1;0 in the last seconds of the first half. This is perfect for the home team.

Dynamo players were shouting toward referee Turpin on the way out, but nothing happened from that.
Benfica started the second half more aggressively , they wanted to put an end to this match as soon as possible, and to enter the final stage of the game with more than one goal advantage.
A numerous number of chances, first Mitrouglu received the ball in the middle of the edge of the box, and he went little to the left, smashing the ball wide. After that, he had one on one situation with Dynamo defender but he hesitated, and again he went to the left, this time his shot was weak and Rudko easily saved this one.
53rd minute of the game Gonzalo Guedes gets the ball some thirty meters from Dynamo goal, makes few steps and smashes the ball which ends deflecting from the crossbar ! Rudko didn’t saw the ball because of its speed.
Seven minutes later Eduardo Salvio receives the pass on the corner of the box enter in toward the goal, skips one opponent, takes a run, but his effort goes near the goal. This could have been a beauty.
64th minute Mitrouglu gets the pass again on the left side of the box, he has a clear situation,but he tries to lob Rudko, the ball goes near the left post and again nothing.
It is an unwritten rule in football when you don’t score a goal from many chances, usually you get punished by conceding one.
That could have happened to Benfica.
Long high-cross ball, above the defenders, toward Derilis Gonzales, who goes after it, enters the box, and manages to reach it before Ederson who rushes out. He then pushes the ball forward and falls. Ederson didn’t touch him, but Clement Turpin shows the spot !
You can see clearly that Ederson avoided the contact but Derilis Gonzales acted if it were one, and convinced the referee to blow his whistle.
Another penalty. Junior Moraes took the ball, and convincingly smashes it to the bottom left corner of the goal, but Ederson saves it ! Justice is served !

Until the end of the match, we haven’t seen anything worth mentioning except Raul Jimenes counter-attack when he took a shot from distance, but Rudko saved it easily. Benfica made tight midfield block, and Dynamo players could not break trough. Short passes and slow tempo, until the final whistle, and celebration for the three points.
Benfica is in a good position as Napoli comes to Lisboa, while Dynamo has to win against Besiktas in Kiev in order to continue his fight for at least Europa League. It will be hard for Ukrainian team, but this is Champions League, miracles do happen from time to time.
Man of the match is Salvio. Scored a goal, has been excellent in attacking plays, made many chances for the others, he was a constant threat for the Dynamo defense, and he clearly deserved this title.
For now, that is all from Lisboa, we can’t wait for the next round in group B. See you.

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