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Atletico de Madrid 2-0 PSV Eindhoven game review


Atletico Madrid played a perfect game for them. They have won, didn’t have any injuries, energy not spent. And they have secured the first place in the group after Bayern Munich lost in Rostov.
This was a typical Diego Simeone’s game, with low tempo, cautious and defensive approach, which ended with his team winning without over exceeding.
PSV Eindhoven didn’t show much in this game. They haven’t been quite up to the task and they didn’t endanger goalkeeper Oblak. Right from the beginning Atletico de Madrid controlled the game and got the possession of the ball. PSV Eindhoven mostly concentrated on their own half, trying to get in some counter-attack situations. In the 8th minute, Kevin Gameiro had the first chance of scoring a goal. He picked up the ball from within the box and took a shot, but he sent the ball near the left post .
In the 18th minute the only chance for PSV in this match. Gaston Pereiro took the shot through the middle of the goal by goalkeeper reacted very well and denied that effort.

After that, most of the game was developing in the middle of the pitch and it sustained from Atletico’s possession of the ball between the midfield and the defensive line. Occasionally Antoine Griezmann and Kevin Gameiro tried to break through, but they didn’t produce anything. Atletico de Madrid had a couple of corners but nothing came out from that situation either.
The first half ended without anything particularly interesting except those two chances that we have mentioned earlier.
The second one has brought more excitement to the game, although it didn’t look like something is going to happen. The first few minutes of the half were boring, until the 51st minute when Jose Maria Jimenez took the header, that he was just a few centimeters away from the left post. Four minutes later, finally some excitement at Vicente Calderon .
A fast action between Atletico de Madrid strikers. Griezmann headed toward goal, he passed the ball to the right side of the box, Kevin Gameiro stormed down, entering the area, and from some 16 meters from the right, he managed to aim the opposite side of the goal. He sent the ball into the bottom right corner of the Zoet goal, leaving PSV Eindhoven in despair.

Ten minutes later and it’s already a two-goal advantage for the home team. This time it is Antoine Griezmann who had scored. A beautiful low pass through the defense and into the box, a little bit to the left. Griezmann received the pass, took the shots from some eight meters to the left, and it was 2:0 for Atletico de Madrid.
Typical play for Diego Simeone’s team. No excitement for quite some time and then in the space of ten minutes, they score two goals and everything is finished.
Until the end of the match, Atletico had a chance to score once more. In the 73rd minute,Gameiro had an excellent chance after the corner kick when he took the header toward the top of the net. But PSV Eindhoven best player on the pitch goalkeeper Zoet did an excellent job as he managed to divert the ball to another corner kick.

Atletico slowed down, and manage to impose their tempo of the game. Until the end, PSV were helpless.
This was an excellent day for Atletico de Madrid because their main opponents, Bayern Munich, have lost the game in Rostov and with that result, Atletico will advance to the knockout stage from the first place in the group D.
PSV Eindhoven is in a bad situation. Their main opponents for Europa League Rostov FC, now have three points more, and if the Dutch team wants to proceed further, they will need to win in Eindhoven.
Any other result isn’t good for them. Dutch champions are struggling and they have to overcome this situation if they want to extend their international season.
This was all from Vicente Calderon, where we saw another confident performance from Atletico de Madrid, as they easily beat PSV Eindhoven.

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