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AS Monaco 1-1 Bayer Leverkusen game review


We all might say that Kamil Glik stole the victory for Bayer Leverkusen. What Polish international did, broke hearts of Leverkusen’s fans. Last minute of the game, last kick, last chance. And Monaco grabs the valuable point.
It wouldn’t seem like that during the game as the German team showed more than home. Until that point, Monaco did not have shot on goal.
That proved rumors that have been going before the match, that Bayer coach Roger Schmidt will play more defensively this match than the previous one against CSKA Moscow.
They have managed to control every attack from Monaco’s strikers, and especially Bernardo Silva who had an awful game, and not manage to do anything good for his team.
Not much have the spectators seen in the first half, due to the cautious tactic and play from both coaches. Many inaccurate passes, lot of duels in the middle and not many chances, that was the first half od this match.
There were some situations worth mentioning, like Volands shoot from distance, but that did not produce anything, Moutinho’s ball in the middle of the Bayer box, but Leno cleared away.
In the last minute of the first half best chance for Monaco, Djibril Sidibe passed the ball with back of the heel to Tomas Lemar who run onto and smashed but ball flew beside left up corner of the Leno’s goal,
In the next Bayer attack quick play upfront to Volland who passes nicely to Chicharito, little to left an edge of the box, takes a short run and shoots with left foot, down to the left corner of the Subasic goal, extremely precisse, but Croatian keeper saves this one with good effort.
That was first half in Monaco, and after this display, many of the fans didn’t expect any excitement in the second.
But, as soon as the game started, much more energy was brought into the game. Chicharito had chance in the opening, then best chance so far for Monaco. After much deflects ball comes to Bernardo Silva in the middle of the box, his reaction was quick , but Leverkusen defense blocks the shot. An excellent display was seen by Lars Bender and Benjamin Henrichs. and both of side defenders made Bayer defensive line more solid and often did they have much-attacking roles.
Bayern pressured Monaco later on, many corner kicks, exactly 4 have been for Bayer in next 15 minutes, Aranguiz had a nice opportunity, but his shot was weak to endanger Subasic.
That made some result. A 73rd minute was playing when Chicharito scored. Mehmedi got the ball on the right side of the box, he centered, and in five meters, alone like a ghost,Chicharito headed the ball into the goal. Unacceptable behavior of the home team defense. There was nobody around him, in the middle of the box !!! Subsic tried everything in his power to save the goal but it was impossible.
A few minutes later, another chance for visitor team, and chance to put an end to this match. Lost ball in the middle of the field, Mehmedi who came on takes it, runs towards the goal, and from some forty meters he tried to surprise and lob Subasic, and he missed for little.
Later on, substitutions were made on both sides, but nothing particular happened. Both teams didn’t show much. Until the last minute.
Last seconds to be precise.
A deep ball into Bayer box, headed away, comes to Kamil Glik, who was on the edge of the box, he smashes it and sends it to the top left corner beside helpless Leno who just watched as his team loses two important points.
Enormous celebration in the stands and on the ground, as both fans and players know that after a win against Tottenham away, this was very important game for them not to lose.
Now they are first in the group E and heading for Moscow to secure that place.
Leverkusen is third, they didn’t lose in first two matches, but they didn’t win either, and that puts them in a position that isn’t very much comfortable. They must win against Tottenham in the next round, or they will be in much, much worse position than this one.
Man of the match is Javier Hernandez, although his team might be considered as losers in this match since they lost two points, he is our pick for tonight.
His performance was excellent, he created many chances, run into empty space, made two players to guard him in many situations and made space for other players.
He scored a goal and pressured central two defenders for the whole game until being substituted.
However, the central person of the match, not by his performance, because he made a mistake by leaving Chicharito alone when they have conceded, is Kamil Glik. First shot on goal for his team, and magnificent, we might say although is not, game-winner. He redeems himself and becomes the hero for the French team.
This is why Champions League is the most interesting competition in the world.

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